When you think of Eindhoven, you immediately think of Philips, PSV or the Design Academy. But this friendly Brabant city has much more to offer! How about the many great stores where you can enjoy shopping and the museums you can visit? Or discover the beautiful scenic areas in the vicinity. We have already laid out the best highlights for you at a glance.

Events (3)


Happy Holidays Ice Rink

From December 15th 2018 until January 5th 2019, you can visit the ice rink at the Markt in Eindhoven. Here, you can enjoy as much ice-skating as you like! For the very first time, the 500 square metre ice rink is partially covered. This will contribute to the Happy Holidays feeling in Eindhoven, also when the weather is letting us down. Skating is possible on a daily basis. The ice rink is only accessible for those who have ice skates that can be used for figure skating or ice-hockey.

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15 MIN

Christmas winter circus

In December it is time for the 48th International Christmas Winter Circus! From jugglers to trapeze artists and from clowns to equilibrium artists: every year we get the most beautiful acts from all over the world to Eindhoven. Enjoy an unforgettable afternoon or evening in the Parktheater with the whole family.

There is also plenty to do outside the track. Show what you own at the circus playground or come skating on the indoor skating rink. You do not have to take ice skates, they are ready for you.

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10 MIN

Parade of Torches

Traditionally in Eindhoven on December 24 (Christmas Eve) the Parade of Torches for tolerance and peace takes place. Every year many thousands of people gather at Wilhelminaplein to draw attention to the versatility of Eindhoven society.

Parade of Torches has become a familiar part of the holidays for many people. With this, Eindhoven indicates how many people in our region want to commit themselves to a society in which tolerance and respect for each other are central.

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Food & drinks


Down Town Gourmet Market

At 'Down town gourmet market' several different types of food come together. Around the terrace (inside and outside) and among the many plants you will find around twenty mini restaurants. Behind every counter are professional chefs, but also enthusiastic students, expats or families who want you to taste their dish. You can eat that anywhere on the terrace or take it home. There is a central bar for drinks.

Down Town Gourmet Market

Brasserie FLO Eindhoven

C’est fantastique! On a spot where you aren’t expecting it, you step right into a classic French brasserie. A piece of Paris in Eindhoven, the Dutch city of light. Here you can enjoy a free and easy dinner and choose from a menu with French classics such as crêpe Suzette, steak tartare, crème brûlée and of course various crustaceans and shellfish from the fruits de mer buffet. Want to get more information or book a table? Our reception will gladly help you!



In this brewery on a unique spot, high quality specialty beers are created in the most diverse styles. All brewed with creativity and undisguised passion! The brewery is situated in the old Schellensfabriek located in the heart of the city centre and absolutely worth a visit.


10 MIN

DAF Museum

The DAF Museum will take visitors from one surprise to another. The ingenuity that characterizes DAF vehicles, from 1928 to the present, will also fascinate the non-expert visitor. On the ground floor is a beautiful village square decorated with shops from the thirties and a replica of the van Doorne's office, as well as a garage from that time. From that point on, you are introduced to the versatility of the DAF products.

DAF Museum

Philips museum

On a weekend break in Eindhoven, a visit to the Philips Museum should really not be missed. The museum tells the inspiring story of Philips, which developed from the small factory in Eindhoven into a leading and world-famous concern. One hundred years full of interesting Philips inventions under one roof!

11 MIN

Van Abbe museum

The Van Abbemuseum is one of the leading museums of contemporary art in Europe. The museum has an extensive international collection of more than 2700 works of art, of which a selection of the key works of Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall, McCarthy is on display.

Outside activities

15 MIN

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path is located in Eindhoven, just outside Nuenen in an area that Van Gogh has laid down in his work. The bicycle path is freely accessible to everyone. The path is dotted with thousands of sparkling pebbles that get energy from the sun during the day and therefore burn at night. Artist Daan Roosegaarde found inspiration in Vincent van Gogh's painting the Starry Night. A magical experience.

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path
20 MIN

Genneper Parks

Inside the Eindhoven ring road is the Genneper Park. A unique scenic area where sport, culture and recreation are combined. One of the attractions is the cosy Genneper Parks Pavilion, where you can play midget golf in a beautifully landscaped garden or can take a sip or a bite on a café terrace. There is an extensive range of special beers, delicious wines or hip drinks. The kitchen is also very well known in the area. Many regional dishes, straightforward produce and everything on the table fresh daily.

12 MIN

Prehistoric Village

Go back in time for a day and visit the prehistoric village in Genneper Parks in Eindhoven. The historic open-air museum is part of Eindhoven Museum. During your visit, you go through the history of six eras, from prehistory up to the 80-year war.