Down Town Gourmet Market

Does this sound familiar? You feel like eating sushi, but a tasty cheeseburger doesn't sound too bad either. Then the Down Town Gourmet Market is really a place you should visit! At the Down Town Gourmet Market, different types of cuisines come together under one roof. You can walk past all the good smelling stalls and watch how the food is freshly prepared. Our tip: order small snacks everywhere and leave some room for a delicious dessert.

Tips from the Crown team

Ineke about her favourite spots in Eindhoven


Philips Museum

A weekend in Eindhoven should not be without a visit to the interactive Philips Museum! The museum takes you along in the inspiring story of Philips, which grew from a small factory in Eindhoven to a world famous and super important company. Hundred years of Philips inventions under one roof!

15 MIN

Park Eckart

Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands and you can find a lot of nice parks here. One of them is Wandelpark Eckart, through which the river Dommel flows. Follow the sign 'Wandelroute Eckart' and enjoy a lovely walk. If you go early in the morning, you might even see some deer!

Still not finished walking? Then visit parks such as the Philips de Jongh Park, Henri Dunant Park, the Karpendonkse Plas and the Stadswandelpark.


PreHistoric Village

Go back in time and visit the prehistoric village in Genneper Parken! The historical open air museum is part of the Eindhoven Museum. It is a replica of a prehistoric medieval village where you go on a voyage of discovery and pass through six eras by means of stories and tours. From prehistory to the 80-year war.

12 MIN

Silly Walks

The Eindhoven Dommeltunnel pays homage to Monty Pythons' Silly Walks with its more than cheerful mural. Mimic the crazy walks as you make your way through the tunnel between the TU/e and the Effenaar. The tribute was made by graffiti artists Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek of Studio Giftig.



Did you know that in the past, only Philips employees were allowed to enter Strijp-S? Nowadays, everyone is welcome to stroll around this industrial heritage site. Almost all the former factory buildings are now used as hip shops, innovative restaurants and creative workplaces. Of course, you will also find the annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) and STRP Festival here.



The Effenaar is a music venue in Eindhoven where you can enjoy various concerts and festivals. Both famous artists and bands, as well as smaller local artists take the stage. The Effenaar also has its own eatery, which is perfect for when you’re craving a quick bite and a drink. 


GLOW Eindhoven

It is a magical sight, GLOW Eindhoven. GLOW is a light art festival that transforms the city into a colourful light spectacle every year in November and is free to visit. By means of a special walking route you pass all the artworks of more than 35 light artists from both home and abroad. 


Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week is one of the largest design events in Europe. This large international happening takes place in Eindhoven each year in October and attracts an enormous amount of visitors. During Dutch Design Week, creative and innovative designs and concepts from over 2.500 designers are presented.  



Parties, fun, music, drinks and parades. Every year in February, carnival breaks loose in Eindhoven and the city is transformed into Lampegat. Almost all the pubs are open during these five days of festivities and you will find several party tents on the Mark and the Wilhelminaplein. Surely, experiencing carnival once is on everyone's bucket list, right?

[2011] Klokgebouw by night (Boudewijn Bollmann).jpg

Het Klokgebouw

The Klokgebouw, also known as the old Philips factory, is located in the lively part of Eindhoven; Strijp-S. Every year, different kinds of events take place here, from art exhibitions to dance events and a longboard dance event. Besides cool events, the Klokgebouw is also a cultural heritage within the area of Strijp-S and it is a meeting place for more than 100 entrepreneurs in the creative industry.



In this brewery on a unique spot, high quality specialty beers are created in the most diverse styles. All brewed with creativity and undisguised passion! The brewery is situated in the old Schellensfabriek located in the heart of the city centre and absolutely worth a visit.

10 MIN

DAF Museum

The DAF Museum will take visitors from one surprise to another. The ingenuity that characterizes DAF vehicles, from 1928 to the present, will also fascinate the non-expert visitor. On the ground floor is a beautiful village square decorated with shops from the thirties and a replica of the van Doorne's office, as well as a garage from that time. From that point on, you are introduced to the versatility of the DAF products.

7464 Entree Van Abbemuseum 2021 Foto Joep Jacobs.jpg
11 MIN

Van Abbe Museum

The Van Abbemuseum is not considered one of the leading museums for contemporary art in Europe for nothing. The museum displays an impressive international collection of over 2,700 works of art, including key works by such greats as Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall and McCarthy.