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Silly Walks

The Eindhoven Dommeltunnel pays homage to Monty Pythons' Silly Walks with its more than cheerful mural. Mimic the crazy walks as you make your way through the tunnel between the TU/e and the Effenaar. The tribute was made by graffiti artists Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek of Studio Giftig.



Did you know that in the past, only Philips employees were allowed to enter Strijp-S? Nowadays, everyone is welcome to stroll around this industrial heritage site. Almost all the former factory buildings are now used as hip shops, innovative restaurants and creative workplaces. Of course, you will also find the annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) and STRP Festival here.

[2011] Klokgebouw by night (Boudewijn Bollmann).jpg

Het Klokgebouw

The Klokgebouw, also known as the old Philips factory, is located in the lively part of Eindhoven; Strijp-S. Every year, different kinds of events take place here, from art exhibitions to dance events and a longboard dance event. Besides cool events, the Klokgebouw is also a cultural heritage within the area of Strijp-S and it is a meeting place for more than 100 entrepreneurs in the creative industry.