Philips Museum

A weekend in Eindhoven should not be without a visit to the interactive Philips Museum! The museum takes you along in the inspiring story of Philips, which grew from a small factory in Eindhoven to a world famous and super important company. Hundred years of Philips inventions under one roof!

10 MIN

DAF Museum

The DAF Museum will take visitors from one surprise to another. The ingenuity that characterizes DAF vehicles, from 1928 to the present, will also fascinate the non-expert visitor. On the ground floor is a beautiful village square decorated with shops from the thirties and a replica of the van Doorne's office, as well as a garage from that time. From that point on, you are introduced to the versatility of the DAF products.


Motion Eindhoven

In the light city of the Netherlands belongs a light experience that you will not soon forget. During this interactive activity you can get acquainted with some very special light installations. On the top floor of the Piazza Center, you will be taken into an imaginary world of image, sound and interaction. Thousands of tiny LED lights or strong light projections transform the dark halls of Motion into a kind of futuristic Alice In Wonderland landscape.

7464 Entree Van Abbemuseum 2021 Foto Joep Jacobs.jpg
11 MIN

Van Abbe Museum

The Van Abbemuseum is not considered one of the leading museums for contemporary art in Europe for nothing. The museum displays an impressive international collection of over 2,700 works of art, including key works by such greats as Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall and McCarthy.